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Data science


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Data science

Data Science consists in extracting understandable knowledge from large volumes of structured or unstructured data.

Why does a company need data science?

Enterprise data growth

The volume of data produced and stored every year is increasing exponentially.

According to an IDC analysis, total enterprise data has been doubling every 2 years since 2005.

Most projections suggest that the growth will keep the same rate at list until 2020.

Total Enterprise Data Growth 2005-2015

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More data = more information ?

In theory yes, that's why we collect always more data.

Some companies and organisations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn or the NSA who were built around data management actualy succeed in turning the increasing amount of data into a real benefit for their activities.

For most of the others, the level of confusion induced from the additional data complexity is an obstacle to the transformation of data into information.

A new role has now been created to support these companies to close the gap and get back at the appropriate information level: data scientist

Data scientist

Found on IBM website: A data scientist represents an evolution from the business or data analyst role.

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As data scientists, our job consists in:

Understanding and binding data from complex data structures with multiple sources

Extracting consistant information out of this data with focus on business performance

Turn the most important information into knowledge, usable for business optimisation

Present insight to top management and suggest strategical business improvement

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