Data visualization

Data visualizuation is the art of graphically representing data to highlight the information that it contains..

Many tools

Most of the visualizations used in companies are built with standard office suite. These suites offer good functionalities for direct transformation of simple data into basic graphics such as pie charts, columns, bar or lines.

When analysts want more advanced data visualization or if they need to work on way more complex data they can use advanced data analysis and data visualization tools such as Tibco Spotfire, SAS, Tableau, R, Qlikview, ...

All of these tools combine data management and data visualisation functionalities.The most advanced also propose geographical visualization or graphical interactions, such as drill-downs. They all have their strength and weeknesses and need to be used in the optimal configuration and from very skilled analysts so that companies can financialy benefit from the results.


ISDV Solution

In addition to supporting you configuring and using existing advanced DV tools, ISDV can develop visualization tools exactly adapted to your business. This means that instead of having standard tools with potentially many options that you will never need we provide the exact tool that you need and develop the integration with your DWH, legacy systems or other data sources.

See below an example dedicated to sales management and customer value optimization.

Click on the image if you want to test it live.

You can also watch the demo video here:


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